Tuesday, April 10, 2007

GameStop Service: Part II

Super Paper Mario was released today for the Wii (review coming soon!) and Circuit City had a great deal! If the game was not on their shelves by 2pm, then you got a $20 gift card and they would call you when the game came in. You can read all about that story by CLICKING HERE!!!

I called Circuit City on my lunch, and the game was already released, plenty of units available. No need to go there now, so I decided to go to my local GameStop, because I am a glutton for punishment. I walk inside, and am greeted by "the boobs" girl from last month. (For "the boobs" girl story, CLICK HERE! ) "How can I help you" she asks in her intentionally bouncy way? "I am here to grab a copy of Super Paper Mario" I tell her. "Oh, did you reserve a copy" she asks, again, with the same obvious bounce. "No, I did not." Most of you who know me, and/or know GameStop, already know what is happening here. "Oh, I'm sorry" she frowns, "but I don't know if we have any extra copies to sell if you didn't pre-order. I will have to count them out and see if there are extras"

I had had enough. I am sick of this "pre-order everything" deal at GameStop. I got upset. "OK, that's fine" I snorted, "I will just walk across the parking lot to Wal*Mart and grab a copy there. OR, I could go a half mile down the road and grab a copy at Circuit City. OR I can drive to Best Buy a mile north and grab a copy there! Thanks though!" I turn around, big grin, and start to walk off."

"WAIT!" I seemed to have hit a nerve with "the boobs" girl. Bad choice of words.... regardless.... "WAIT! I should have enough! You can have this one!"

"Ok, ring me up." What? I didn't ACTUALLY plan on leaving unless they wouldn't sell me a copy. I WANT to support my local game store. I just wish they taught their employees differently! I actually wouldn't mind if they JUST asked "is there anything you would like to reserve today" while ringing me up, but they don't do that. They ask as soon as I come in (welcome, are you here to pick up a reservation?), when I ask about a specific product (did you know you can reserve the sequel today?), when I MENTION an upcoming game (you should reserve that today, so you are guaranteed a copy!) or when I even LOOK at "the boobs" girl (would you like to reserve the new DOA game?). I am constantly barraged by their pre-order antics!

"The boobs" girl didn't actually ring me up at first. She said her coworker (the idiot from last month) would get me. He ended up being a little too busy harassing his customer though. He would not ring this girls order up! "For only $7 more you can get the membership and the subscription to the magazine! Your total would be $102 instead of $95! Only $7 more!" 5 times he asked, in a row, with the girl flat out saying no every time. He just stood there asking again "for only $7 more" with me, and another customer, standing their with product in hand, not caring that other people needed to be helped. I gave "the boobs" girl a dirty look (not THAT kind of dirty look), and she finally conceded and rung me up personally.

"Is there anything you would like to reserve for the Wii while I am ringing you up?" The bouncing distracted me, but naught only for a second. "No, thank you."

"Ok, enjoy your game! See you again soon!" I have a bad feeling she isn't wrong...

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