Tuesday, March 13, 2007

GameStop = Bad Customer Service

At 10:30am, I called the nearby GameStop and asked "has God of War II been released?"

"Did you reserve a copy" the young employee asked?

"Yes, I did" I told him.

"Then feel free to stop in anytime today to pick it up!"

Off to lunch I went at 11am. (On a side note, the $2 I spent at Burger King for a double burger and soda was the best food I have had in weeks.) On my way back to work, I stop at GameStop.

"Hi! I am here to pick up God of War II!"

"Sorry, that won't be out until tomorrow" replied the clearly soulless employee.

"Well that's odd" I responded, "because less than an hour ago I was told to stop by to pick it up. "

"Nope, tomorrow. Want to buy something else instead?" His eyes were bright and cheery, his greasy hair matted down into thick waves, and his brain had clearly shut down.

"No, I came in to buy the game YOU told me an hour ago was here."

I promptly left. I am sure the moron continued to smile long after the door closed, no idea what was going on, no comprehension on why he exists or what customer service is supposed to be.

Good job GameStop! Thanks for continuing to further propagate this stereotype!

To make a long story short, I went back the next day to pick GoW2 up. Couldn't go to another store, had to go to the one where I reserved the game. I was in a bit of a huff....

Very cute young woman wearing a revealing, low cut store shirt rang me up. Not conventinal cute, but very nerd cute. Lisa Loeb glasses, soft white skin, very much my type. Still, couldn't believe they let her wear that.... most places would yell at her to cover up.

The manager asked if everything was OK, and I decided to spill on him what took place the previous day. He chuckled a little when I told my story.

"Yeah," he said, "we all have different roles that we play at this store. I am the nice and helpful guy, my coworker here (pointing to a scruffy young boy) is the fanboy, can argue with anyone about anything. The guy from yesterday is the idiot. We are all good at what we do."

I looked at the pretty young lady behind the counter. With an obvious bounce, she smiled and said "I'm the boobs."

I tried to suggest that "the idiot" should not work there if he is an idiot, but instead the fanboy starting arguing with me over the merits of the rechargable Wiimote accessory packs I was looking for. I smiled at "the boobs" and tried to escape, "the fanboy" on my tail, constantly talking, not letting me leave.

Apparently my new role was "the captive." If it was just me and "the boobs" I wouldn't mind, but I was on a schedule (when am I not?!). After 3 more minutes of "agreeing" with "the fanboy" I was finally able to make it out. God (of War) help me if I ever go back there again....

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Dave said...

pics of the boob girl or it didn't happen!