Monday, November 3, 2008

More like ROCKtober...

The following events took place in October:

-I met Neil Patrick Harris, of Dr Horrible and Doogie Howser fame. Oh, and that whole "Met your Mom" thing people tend to mention. Super nice, super tall.

-I also saw Laura Prepon (not as tall as you'd think) and Christopher Knight with wife Adrianne Curry.

-I voted, 2 weeks early because Nevada has that, and it rocks.

-Heroes continued to suck. I hate Peter, and Milo is quickly becoming one of the worst actors in history. Jeff Loeb got fired today, not surprised.

-Got upset that Buffy is now 2 months behind on new issues. Karl Moline does not understand the word "deadline".

-Was both super excited and extremely disappointed over the Beatles/Harmonix announcement. I want to play Beatles songs IN Rock Band, not switch to a completely separate game to play a Beatles song.

-Started watching Carnivale again on DVD (thanks Amazon for rediculously low prices). HBO had an amazing show, and just let it slip away. This is as good as Heroes was at it's best.

-Laughed at an episode of SNL for the first time in 8 years. Anne Hathaway once again proves she can do no wrong (except for Havoc... showing your boobs does not make you a "mature" actress)

-And finally, this happened on Halloween:

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Elk said...

Looks like an epic haloween!

And yeah, I'm really disapointed by Heroes at least I'm not stuck for what to watch on the telly.