Sunday, February 17, 2008


Be weary young friends! A threat is upon us like none other before it! Coming this leap year day of the 29th of the month of February (Feb-ROO-ary) comes a film so packed full of sexy, it may just make your head explode. Natalie Portman. Scarlett Johansson. Eric Bana. All... in Victorian garb.

MAY YOUR LIBIDOS TAKE WARNING AT THIS CLEAR ATTEMPT TO MAKE ALL OF THE WORLDS POPULATION MATE AT ONE TIME THEREBY DOUBLING THE POPULATION IN AN ATTEMPT TO END THE WORLD!!!!!! Ok, so not double, just like.... there will be like 50% more people. More like 37% counting children and the elderly who cannot mate... BUT STILL THE THREAT IS A GREAT ONE!

Shield thine virgin eyes and tie down your young sexy daughters... yeah... tie em down good... need a hand with that rope? Yeah, she likes it... I mean... wait... LOCK UP YOUR LOVERS FOR THE THREAT OF THIS AMOUNT OF SEXY IN ONE FILM WILL BE TOO MUCH FOR YOUR CROTCHES TO HANDLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Other Boleyn Girl draws closer.....

Image courtesy IMDB


Anonymous said...

We need to go see this together!

IVIandahPandah said...

You are such a freakin dork.

I saw the preview for it, though - and agree with you 110%. It looks so awesome!