Thursday, October 25, 2007

That classic British man in Australia geek humor...

I haven't laughed for a while. The run of this summer's movies were decent enough with Knocked Up and SuperBad, but other than watching endless reruns of Whose Line is it Anyway, I have yet to truly laugh at something humorous in quite a while. So what has suddenly been able to tickle my over sized funny bone? Why, a British geek living in Australia of course!

Once again I have been convinced that the British are currently much funnier than Americans. If my summer of watching BBC America didn't convince me, Yahtzee has finally done it. Yahtzee is a "British-born, currently Australian-based writer and gamer with a sweet hat and a chip on his shoulder" according to The Escapist, where Yahtzee produces his Zero Punctuation! videos about video games.

These videos are the funniest things I have seen, heard or read in quite a while. They are roughly 4-5 minutes long, and are purposely (I assume) poorly animated flash cartoons with Yahtzee doing the voice overs. He reviews new, and even some older games. Yahtzee speaks at 100 miles per hour and is as dry and sarcastic you'd expect a Brit geek to be.

Do yourself a favor and watch these videos, new ones every Wednesday. You can find Zero Punction! videos by CLICKING HERE! You can also find Yahtzee's personal blog by CLICKING HERE!

Did I just review a reviewer? Yes, I suppose I did.... Feel free to do the same to me when I post my Eternal Sonata review in the next week or so. Now get out there and laugh!

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