Wednesday, May 2, 2007

But still no more Wiis....

Back in February, Jack Tretton, Sony gaming President, said that the PS3 was SOOOOO popular, that he would give anyone who could find one on the shelves in a store $1200 a pop. The fine young men of Penny Arcade (ok, young not quite true) went to local stores and found $13,200 worth of PS3s, but Jack never paid up (didn't expect him to though). You can check out what they did by CLICKING HERE!! If he meant what he said and followed through, I could afford a new car after what I found at Costco on Saturday:

There was another palette identical to this one directly behind it, so this is only half the count. There were then at least 10 more in the video game aisle.

I still want a PS3, but I don't know why.... Even though no games exist yet for it that I would want to play. I hope that Square-Enix brings over the Final Fantasy series to the 360, because I will probably be picking one up in time for Blue Dragon to be released. If Mr. Tretton paid out from his comment, I would gladly spend part of the money on a PS3.

Are there ANY games (other than Little Big World or whatever its called) that anyone is truly looking forward to soon on the PS3?